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About a month ago we received a message from Miklos with an update from the up-and-coming Crystal Land in Hungary. He has agreed to us posting a summary on this website.

Miklos says that he and a Czech friend have successfully lived through the cold, short days of winter on the land itself. They have built some basic structures and are now constructing a second yurt as communal accommodation.

Right now each person on the land is responsible for their own economy, personal money is needed in order to survive. Miklos hopes this will change in the near future.

Miklos has a feeling that the community will not be limited to the people living within the boundaries of the land. So far, they have exchanged with the neighbouring farm and people in the nearest village, through common activities, helping out and taking care of each other.

They are still searching for a clear resolution on the legal side of things. The land continues to be owned by four Hungarian rainbows who are difficult to bring together, even if they are generally in support of this project.

What is needed to help this Crystal Land grow?

More people! A community!

More specifically, according to Miklos, people who are talented and creative, who know what they want in life and do it! People who have some skills in building a community and who are prepared to join in this process for a while...

The truly beautiful 10.5 hectares of land offer everything that is needed for a community to thrive. There are 4-5 water sources with great quality drinking water, a river, a mature forest with an abundance of firewood and several meadows bathed in sunshine. Miklos believes this high potential ecosystem can sustain up to 20 people without harm.

500 metres away, on the neighbouring farm, there is a Waldorf / Steiner school, which is a real blessing for families.

In the protected meadows on the land, the possible legal activities include animal husbandry (horses, sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes), the collection of medicinal plants, etc. With the envisioned creation of a communal workspace where products can be processed, this gives great opportunities to generate local abundance and a communal income which can support a community.

They also have a Ford Transit on the land, which again will become useful when the road dries up and if someone with a driver's licence arrives. (It will be in use over the summer by the Sushi Caravan.)

Any donation received will be used to upgrade and create new basic structures, such as showers, shelters and kitchen.

Miklos' email: sziivaarvaany@gmail.com

Miklos has also agreed to publicise directions to the land. There are two ways to get there – on foot from the north, 5km from the nearest village Bakonybel. We do not have these directions. Secondly - by car from the south, 12km from the nearest turnoff on the highway:

  • From the city of Herend, take highway 8 west.

  • 100m before the km 71 marker, turn right (follow sign to “Elo Bolygo”)

  • Go straight until the end of the asphalt. At the big farm turn right onto a dirt road, possibly 4WD only depending on the season (follow sign to “Elo Bolygo”).

  • Go straight for a couple of kilometres until you reach a big hill, follow the ridge to the left.

  • After a few kilometres, pass the neighbour's house on the left (the best way to maintain good relations is by not stopping here).

  • Immediately after the house, turn left.

  • After 300m, in the middle of the field, a barely visible track on the right will take you to the entrance of the RCL, another few hundred metres down the road.

Welcome to Hungary!




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