Message from RCL Costa Rica

MESSAGE FROM COSTA RICA RAINBOW CRYSTAL LAND: The family has reached two consensuses!

First consensus: We currently cannot accept guests on the land, only volunteers. It has been decided that family who can stay for a minimum of at least a week can stay to aid the land.

This was a very hard consensus to reach because we as a Family welcome all members of our Tribe, but the land needs more time to develop before we can be a completely open community. If we let people in before the land is ready, development will remain stagnant and only hurt the land. We need focus on gardening, building structures, permaculture. Too many times, the land has become overwhelmed by large numbers of people that are merely present for visiting, personal healing, or stumbling upon the land by chance. (Personally, I think our medicine songs about feeling the heartbeat of the Earth is not a mere sentiment...we must pay attention to what is aiding our Mother. Self sustainability is not merely about feeding ourselves. Gardens are here to heal the Earth.)

Second consensus: The water supply is the main basis to decide max capacity (how many people can be on the land at one time).

It fluctuates heavily due to rainy and dry season in Costa Rica among other things. Currently, the max capacity is at 21.

Please spread the word Family. We are seeking semipermanent to permanent residents to help aid the development of the land. Rainy season is approaching...THE LAND IS CALLING FOR LOVE!


(Translation into Spanish is welcomed as well.)


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