Message from Merissa at RCL Costa Rica - call for help!

Dear Family:

My name is Marissa and I have been living in the Rainbow Crystal Land with my partner Adam and our son Teal since the beginning of the year.

During our time here we have learned a lot and we have observed what many of you have already seen in this place: it needs permanent people.

We wanted to be those permanent people and stay here for a whole year to see what could happen if this place received continuity for that long of a time. However, due to a combination of factors (immigration, financial, personal, etc.) we decided to leave.

Right now the land faces a huge challenge. Since the beginning, the community has been getting attacked by a local group of thieves. They know when this place is the most vulnerable and they know they can come every few months and nobody who already learned to distrust them will recognize them. They come and act friendly, mentioning Scottino’s or someone else’s name, bringing gifts and offering to help with our projects. They observe who camps were and when are the best times to steal from the cob house or wherever else they can (although most of the stealing has happened in the cob house).

These people also come and squat the land during the rainy season, when they know is pretty empty. They come here to drink and smoke and leave all of their trash around.

We had a talking circle about the need to protect this community both energetically and physically. I believe that together we can put out there a big call to attract the right people to come here to nourish and protect this beautiful land and help it become the garden of abundance that we all dream of.

I’m putting together an ebook about all the plants, gardens, trees, constructions and projects I have learned to leave as much information for the next group of people willing to take the sedentary medium term commitment this land desperately needs.

This place is not luxurious, but food never lacks from the dumpster, the neighbors and the land. There will be plenty of food to be harvested from the land in December, including yuca, chamol, and arracache. There are also many beans, lettuces and tomatoes growing, the fruit trees are getting bigger, the herbal spiral has exploded with an overabundance of medicinal plants.

There is a restaurant in town that has offered us a space to give English lessons so that we can receive food donations from our students.

If you’re reading this and you feel that you have gotten to a point in your life that you don’t necessarily want be constantly moving and you want to set roots, to put seeds on the ground and stick around long enough to enjoy the harvest, please think about coming to this beautiful, beautiful place.

Maybe you are someone who has never been at a Rainbow Gathering, but you feel a strong call from the wild to reconnect with nature, to heal yourself through healing the earth, to quit the rat race and live simply. Then this place is a great place for you.

If you can’t or don’t want to come here, work hard and stay, but you know of people who are looking for an opportunity like this, pass the message.

I know that patience is key, that change is slow, but let’s remember that we can make the changes we want for the world, that we can manifest a new society and a new way of living. We aren’t simply doing this for ourselves, bur for the earth and for our children. Let’s come together and with all the love in our hearts bring peace, harmony, abundance and health to this little piece of land that was given to our family to guard.

Much love and light,


Comment from the Oaxaca scouting mission:

We take this message very seriously and some of us are considering going to CR to help build permanent structures which will enable people to stay through the rains.

We also believe in a focus on permanency in RCLs in general, in order for the whole project to evolve. We still believe that openness should remain a strong principle in RCL, but within a structure which encourages people to live permanently in RCLs. Here in Oaxaca we have found a way that we are experimenting with (even before we have found the land to live on), based on the idea of the "house circle" of permanent resident from the Valley of the Elves in Italy. We are open to NOT be accepted by RCL if people feel this falls outside the RCL DCI.

We wish for much permanent energy to arrive in Costa Rica promptly.

With love


[Spanish translation, anyone?]


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