How do we make this website as communal as possible?

  • 12 May '15

Currently Henri and I are the administrators of this website. How can we make decisions about future development? How can volunteers participate without jeopardising the security of this website? How can we make this website as communal as possible?

Could each admin invite new admins that are personally known to them?

Could a new "admin-light" user account be made which excludes access to the most sensitive server settings?

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  • 19 May '15

About collective development:

I think it would be the best to use our github account. Github has really nice tools for development.

If you are agree, I can update it.

The drawback is, that a free github account can only have public repositories. This can be a problem if we use privacy mechanisms.
(Not sure about that.)

  • 20 May '15

You're talking about technical development, I'm talking about participation and user-control of the website in general and its content... no?

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  • 20 May '15

That's why I added the header.

For the administration I can create an admins user group and an editors group. I can give it all rights it needs. The admins could have the rights to add and change user accounts and add new Admins. The editors could have the right to add and change content.

These are only examples. You can can call the groups like you want and give them the rights you want.

In a similar way we can handle privacy by creating groups which can exclusively access group contents. But this is another issue.

  • 21 May '15

Ok, that's awesome. I remember you telling me about this in the past but I get confused and forget things... anyway, it's good if more people are aware of these possibilities.

So... how do we proceed? Should we invite people we know and trust as admins or editors? Forum moderators is also an interesting category, translators another. Having the ability to post News updates also. What do people think about this?

The original idea was to have one Internet Focalizer per RCL that can have full or almost full access to everything on this website. (Maybe better if only Henri has access to the most system critical settings?)

And about user groups... how do they work? To take a practical example that could be useful right now - how can I set up a forum for Oaxaca Scouting in which specific people are invited? This is probably too much to ask, but ideally there would be 3 levels of communication - public, big circle (everyone here plus interested people who are not here), house circle (only private communication between those who are here). If only 1 level is possible, I guess I would only create the 'big circle'. How do I do this? (This would be interesting for other RCLs to know about too).

Thank you Henri, you're a star.


  • 24 May '15

Private Forum Topic

Forum is special, because it's not Mezzanine but Spirit.

At the moment everyone can create a private topic (Private Topics -> Create Private Topic) and invite other users to participate.

In the next releases of Spirit there will be some enhancements, but I don't remember exactly the changes.

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  • 25 May '15

User Groups

For now I have created 3 groups:

  • Admins for user administration,
  • Editors for creating and editing pages,
  • Bloggers for creating and editing news.

The permissions in Detail:



  • add / change / delete:users,
  • set / remove staff and superuser status,
  • add / remove users to / from these 3 groups,
  • set / remove individual permissions per user.


can add / change / delete:

  • pages,
  • rich text pages,
  • pages with comments,
  • links,
  • keywords, assigned keywords,
  • forms, form entries, fields, form field entries,

  • change / remove / approve comments.


can add / change / delete:

  • blog categories,
  • blog posts,

  • change / remove / approve comments.

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  • 16 Jun '15

That's great! But could an Editor ALSO have the permissions of Blogger?

So who wants to be an Admin / Editor / Blogger? I think each RCL should have one. But I would hesitate to add someone unless I know them personally, is that fair?

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  • 22 Jun '15

Technically a user can be a member of different groups at the same time.

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  • 24 Jun '15

I have edited the above specifications to make them more clear.