RCL in Latvia

  • 7 Jun '16

Hari om family :)
There is this 6,8ha plot with an old house, a barn, fruit trees and a little stream nearby, in a very tranquil atmosphere 50km from the capital city. Any rainbow activity most welcome there if You ever pass by Latvia. We miss it a lot. Right now it is not possible to stay in the house in winter but summer time in Latvia is really magic. You can find peace here.

Contact us if You are coming- karlis7171@gmail.com, 37127484941, 37120666776 or in facebook- Ganga dasi!

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  • 28 Aug '17

Sorry for the very late reply...

Thank you very much for that beautiful invitation! I really hope someone takes you up on it. One way to draw attention to the place would be to have some kind of gathering nearby... Good luck. Love