Rainbow Gathering invitation

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  • 10 Mar '16

(Intentional Rainbow Crystal Land)

Northern Andies of Peru - 5th of June - 31th of Augost

Beloved Sisters and Brothers, grand co-creators of devine corners of paradise on our awakened Mother Earth! Dawn has risen upon us. The first rays of the sun have reveiled a marvelous beauty in the face of an acking nature in it´s process of rebirthing it´s devine origin. Creation is waiting for us. It is time to manifest our most desiered visions in a splendid co-creation of human hands, hearts and spirits.
At the gaethring of 2015, the Crystal Land has recieved magnificent little seeds of beautiful heart intentions to awaken a marvelous posibilety for future communety life. We have learnt out of this rich experience, to focus this year of 2016 on much more detailed intentions on the phisical co-cretion of the RCL. It is of autmost importance to reach into the earth with our hands and create for the sake of experience. If we wish to call for the manifestation of of the spiritual common vision for the future communety, we have to awaken the energies of creation from the depths of our souls. If we do not create togeather, the weel of great mystery of creation will never get into motion, and the union of a common vision will not ripen in experienced hearts, but in the illusory matrix of our minds.
Therefore, we urge you, beloved family, each one of you who has the heart wish to come and join us this summer, do come with all your inner strength for a united co-creation. Let us rest only in the face of our manifested splendid co-creation! Let our inspiration give us strength to create a paradise on earth for the bliss of our contemplation and for the joy of every human soul who will set foot on our beloved land in the future to come. We are the once to get the weel into motion for our children to rest in a garden of paradise, and share it´s abundance of healing frequencies with all the world. We bag of you, please let us waite no more, precious time has been wasted, while our children are waiting to come and gift the world with their infinite love. Let us co-create now! There will be time for celebration, for healing, for contemplation. But each at it´s time. We need your impulce of creation now, for the sake of creating a space of love, capable of nurishing, healing and teaching the wisdom of the universe!
We wish to encourage you to come for the whole process from seed to fruit. In this cycle we may find some wisdom of creation and compleat in the microcosmos, what in the macrocosmos will last for our whole life time to compleat. In some aspect, we may experience the whole process of creating a communety from the seed to the fruit in an only three month´s periode.

At the moment the communety is located in an area of about one hectare of land, that has been given to us without any legal documentation yet. Since this space is insuficient in size, and energeticaly less virgen in it´s vegetation due to former deforestation, we have decieded to transform it into our Intycurry (gold of the sun) center - the gate from the old to the new world - a place to meet, learn, teach and exchange, for the Rainbow family, visitors from all around the world, and local visitors as well. ( For more information, please read the new vision on the forum of our peruvian RCL under: rainbowcrystalland.org ) We will focus at the gaethering of 2016 on further development of the Intycurry center, as well as initiate it´s parallel healing center of feminine qualety, Lirpuquilla (mirow of the Moon). Inbetween bouth centers, which are about ten minutes walk apart, we will establish the new space for holding this and the future gaetherings. As for the phisical construction of the Sonqomanta RCL, we hope to start searching for the perfect space in the designated area proposed by the original owner of the land, right after compleating the three month gaethering. We would love you to join us for this special task, hopeful to find in some of you the longing to be a future partner of our RCL communety.
We are aware, that there are many communeties around the world, waiting for permanent members to sattle dawn and co-create the integration of the spiritual and social structures, mirrowed in the phisical development of the communety´s life. We believe, that in the same mysterious way that soulmates find to each other, the children of a certain landscape, and therein a spiritual impulce which gives a certain vibration and life to the nature of that land; find to each other. This land is a phisical expression of a being. And this being is closer to Man then anything else on our planet, because it is our spiritual mother. We may not have been born on that specific land in this current incarnation, but the frequency of our beeing is perfectly intuened with the vibration of the land, due to ancient or future connections of our soul. We know you are out there, the lost children of this native land of your spirits. It is calling for you, and all we can do to help you, our most intimate spiritual sisters and brothers, to reunite with your motherland, is to invite you to come for this three month experience and open your hearts to the spirit of our mountain.

This year, we invite you to be part of the invisioning of the gaethering even before sowing the first seeds into the earth. Therefore we have created a written declaration of our intentions for the comming gaethering, and we ask you to partisipate in adding your inspirations at the forum, to co-create with us a commom vision! Let us dream and invision this gaethering for the sake of mutual inspiration, and may we be aware that the time for plannification will be possible only at the moment of our phisical encaunter. Our ancestors of the indigenous people of North-Amerika have seen the weel of life as a manifestation of four different qualeties:

Dreaming - related with the feminine qualety of the night.
Planning - related to the masculine qualety of the dawn.
Acting - related to the masculine qualety of the day.
Celebrating - related to the feminine qualety of the evenning.

We invite you to dream togeather with us and invision our gaethering
The more detailed our imagination - the more posible it´s manifestation!


We invite you to plan and act togeather with us as co-creators of a marvelous Space of Love, to be a womb to all our seeds, and lay the foundation four a future paradise on Earth!
The more working hands - The more manifested visions!

We, brother Jaguar (Yawar) and sister Ruth, have invisioned three main proyects for the Seed Camp:

this proyect will take place in an area between the Intycurry center and the healing center Lirpuquilla, in the same place where we will establish the space for the gaethering.
Create main spaces for the gaethering and pathways in between the future trees of the food forest.
Digg canals for the irrigation system and holes for saplings of the food forest.
*Create a space for new seedlings to be sown by each one of us on new moon at the openning Ceremony of the Seed Camp. If possible, please bring any organic, or natural seeds of fruit trees, medicinal tres, and trees for the use of it´s materials. Bushes and little plants qualified as one of the three creterions mentioned above, are also most welcome. The saplings will be planted on the Ceremony of full moon on the 20th of June.

Taking care of existing Vegteble beds: Sowing, weeding, composting and molching - covering beds with organic material.
Prepare new beds, terazes and plant a living fance around the whole Intycurry Center.

Constructions of shady watterproof pergulas covered with banana trunk leafs, or local palm leafs, in the surroundings of the first house.
Construction of a temazcal (Sweat lodg) for ceremonies close to the house.
*Final coverings with cob for the walls of existing roums of the house, and construction of walls and roofs with local bamboo and cob for the roums in building process.

After full monn on 20th of June, we will celebrate the Inty Raymi Celebrations from 21th - 24th, holding ceremony for the solstice of the shortest day and the longest night. Please share with us your visions for the celebrations on the forum, so that we will have time to dream it togeather in it´s embrion stages and celebrate then in the most splendid way on time of the solstice!


We invite you to celebrate togeather with us, sharing the colours and fragrances of our artistic inspirations in a marvelous dance of giving and recieving!
The more we share our special odor of blossoming with our surroundings - The more joy for conjoint creation!

We invisioned the moon cycle of blossoming to be devieded into morning activeties, dedicated to the unfolding of the Seed Camp proyects, and afternoon activeties, dedicated to workshops of crafts, arts, meditations, different forms of healing, music, yoga and whatever you can imagine. We recognize the stage of blossoming is not possible without the leaf´s and root´s functioning, equivalant to the qualety of the seed camp. This is why we thought it to be beneficial to devide our activeties into root and leaf processes on one hand, and blossoming processes on the other hand. Please help us invisioning the workshops by pressenting at the forum workshops you wish to offer, or workshops you wish to attend. In doing so, you do declare your intentions of participating at the gaethering, and therefore, may rise the interest of some family unsure of their arrival, to join us. This is not an unbrakeble promise from your side, it is a sincere heart intention, and we very much wish mutual inspiration and no disappointment in case your part of the vision will not be manifested. Therefore, please have in mind, to offer workshops you are burning to share, so as to asure the manifestation of even more then we invision, and not the other way round. Though we offer each other workshops on the forum, we do not believe it necessary to inscribe ourselves under the offered workshops, nor will we set timetables in advance. we shall create the timetable right on the spot at the gaethering, in the usual rainbowfashion, opening each workshop to everybody and in any time of the afternoon when inspiration and good will are at hand. It will be good, to describe what materials one should bring to participate, in case you could not offer them yourself.


We will celebrate full moon on the 20th of July and the day of Pachamama (Mother Earth) on the 1st of August. Please do share your visions for the Pachamama ceremony on the forum! Acording to Peruvian tradition, we use to give offerings to the earth from our harvest, along with quartz crystals, to demonstrate our gratitued for mother earth´s generousity and abundance.
Quartz crystals are anciant conductors of energy, containing information capable of restoring healing through watter to the whole planet earth and the human being. We beg of you to bring with you a clear quartz crystal to the Gaethering, to be present at all our ceremonies, so that on the day of Pachamama, they might be returned to Mother Earth with our most loving heart wishes, coded in the crystals, to bring healing to all of creation!


As we will finish the cycle of dreaming,planning, acting and celebrating, the fruits of our co-creation will carry seeds containing all the wisdom we have colected douring the process, to fulfill yet an other cycle and share it with our local indigenous sisters and brothers surrounding the RCL. Sharing fruits, is at the same time also part of the feminine qualety of celebrating. We shall offer to share all the veriety of workshops, inclouding eco-building and permeculture. We might join them by helping in their routine works or special proyects in which they might need working hands for aid. This way, we will be able to learn from their experience and teach them what we know, so that they may experience abundance and bliss in life without the need of money. In exchange of our time, they will in return offer us their time in helping to further evolve our proyects for the Intycurry Center. Further more, we will try to ignite inspiration in their hearts to see their works and crafts worthy to participate in an exchange fair we will organize for the full moon on the 18th of August. This fair might contain music, theatre and circus shows, given as a gift from us to the public. We might offer vegan-healthy special dishes or treaties, and bring baskets of our harvests and craftarts made douring the mooncycle of blossoming. The fair will function in a traiding system based on the ideas of transition tawns, operating like the system of banks of time. Douring the Gaethering we shall establish the best trading system for this magical fair, with it´s main goal, to help our local family to apriciate their time and work, generating abundance without any expense of money.

As part of the evolving of the proyects of Intycurry, we hope to be able to construct a Rocket stove out of clay, composttoilet containers, a pond, a graywattersystem, a bathtube, pots and ceramics for the household. All these made out of clay and burnt with fire in a traditional process. We also hope to use burnt clay pipes for irrigation and running watter system for the house. Therefore, digging a canal from the nearest wattersource to the Intycurry Center will be necessary.
We hope to be able to prepare spaces in the forest for outdour workshops around the house.
For the Lyrpuquilla Center, we wish to start searching for special spaces with healing qualeties in the native forest where we already found some very energetical places to be the starting points of the Center. These spaces will be designed for healing ceremonies, for healing retreats (with or without masterplants), meditation and contemplation areas etc.
Our last proyect we wish to dedicate for the developing of the main spaces used in the Gaethering, constructing palmleaf roofs for the main kichen and the main fire.

With deep exitment we await your arrival to co-create and ignite divine love in our hearts as the children of one big family on Earth!

For more information, or for obtainning a map with arrival instrucction, contact your sister Ruth at: ruthfinkbeiner@gmail.com. (I read English, Spanish, German and Hebrew.)
p.s. Please, by no means, share the map or arrival instructions on publice pages like facebook etc. We wish to protect the exact location of the RCL.


Your Sister Ruth, and Brother Jaguar.

  • 10 Mar '16

the picture was taken at the land itself.

StEvEnStEvEn Quinto
  • 24 Mar '16

I come to you as a rainbow warrior ...as one who has arrived at the place you aspire to be... but i see you are not quite yet ready. There is more to learn and embody in your being. Above all there is the humility of submission to the absolute and inevitable Laws of Nature... until that includes the Spiritual Dimension all we warriors aspire to, then we are still acolytes in the dream. There is also the commandment that we recollect all our brethren ...for we have been dispersed all over the world. Now we must consciously bring the wisdom that has led us to this place ...to be further enhanced with the wholeness ofr the root from which we sprung. No, there is no leader among us ...but there is above all of us Great Spirit ...for what and for whom would all this have ever been without that ineffable awesome Truth. So there are still some steps you must take along this path I, too, shall be waiting ...for we have much to do before the old world is put to rest and the new world manifests... Aho!

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  • 4 Apr '16

i edited the post and added another part.

if you want to make contact please you can write my sister here:

also she asked me to say, to share the word, through facebook and the south american circles.
be blessed and thank you.

  • 1 Sep '16


Food Not Bombs

Join us for a sailing journey around the carribbean feeding free vegan food as an offering of peace to our neighbors

December 10, 2016

All boats Welcome

FOOD NOT BOMBS – We will depart Boot Key in Marathon Key, Florida December 10 heading for Cuba. Following Cuba, we feed in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, The US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas