3 guys love to help and learn at RCL in Costa Rica

  • 2 Mar '16

Buenos días!

We're three guys form Austria spending our time at the moment at the Permaculture farm in Uvita. We'd also love to expand our knowledge at the RCL in the southern part of CR. We came to Costa Rica to learn more about permaculutre, sustainable living and to see the wonderful flora and fauna here. It would be a pleasure for us to give something back to our all-loving mother and to help a community like yours to grow.

Would it be possible to stay at RCL from 10th of march - 19th of march? Please contact us at benedikt.mennel@gmail.com

We'd love to hear from you,
blessings Gianluca, Paul and Benedikt

  • 24 May '16

That time frame is too short.