Hoping to visit RCL in Costa Rica march 6th-march 14th

  • 23 Feb '16

Hi my name is nate "nasty rabbit" I have been in CR for about a month now. I was staying with the punta mona permaculture farm learning permaculture. I have a week free to do whatever and I would love to come visit / volunteer my last week in CR. I could help donate some of my time and a little something for the magic hat! I would love to come and see what you guys have developed and connect with other like minded individuals. I will be on line here and there and the best way to contact me would be my email. Dakine2004@gmail.com I really hope to hear back from you guys it would be nice to meet you all.

Best wishes
Nasty rabbit

  • 24 May '16

Did you ever find your way there?