Creative thinking workshop (Tierra Crystal Costa Rica)

  • 9 Oct '15

International virtual workshop English / Spanish / French (original language)

Creative thinking about the experience in Crystal Land Costa Rica, where the utopia of the rainbow family is now crystallizing… We invite you to reflect on the Rainbow fundamentals which now adapt themselves to the sustainability/perpetuation of a place.

Crystal Land is located south of Costa Rica in cool tropical mountains. The land, given to the rainbow family since 2013, produce little food till today, the garden grows little by little. The spontaneous generosity of neighbors combined/allied with proximity to the town (supermarket food recycling) provides a base of food in the community. It is a place where one can live without obligation of productivity, taking time to connect with nature, to apply creativity by participating in the implementation/development of structures and gardens. The considerable variations in population staying at the community rhythm the seasons and embodies the breath of Crystal Land... or better Tierra Crystal. “Tierra”, “earth” in Spanish, evokes at the same the world and the matter and the sound of the rolling “rr” give a delicious local touch! “Crystal”, written in English, keeps the purity of meaning.

A few days ago, when we leave our piece of jungle* to visit the family in the community, the life launch us in a swirl of reflections and this message come to existence through a perfect synchronicity of events.
We hear at first that Tierra Crystal envisages/considers the introduction of solar panels to load phones and tablets more easily; the internet is already unlimited with the cell phone.
We discover then that a video is ready to be published on internet to initiate a fundraising campaign.
The documentary is beautiful, images and testimonies wonderfully reflect the magic and the wealth of the family in this land of Crystal. The written message at the end, which calls up for support and donation, makes us all react (the idea of a support campaign is quickly abandoned) and propels us in a conversation which keeps on going since several days.

It is a great opportunity
To explore the fundamental principles those form the spirit of the place;
To think about the practical applications those emerge, shaping gradually the landscape;
To become aware of the adhering Babylonian patterns, attached to our fears;
To stimulate our vigilance, our patience and our application for the creation of this rainbow land;
To clarify our dream and to enjoy the (r)evolution….
and grow from all experiences -as intense they can be- that come with the process of transformation…

An easy access to electricity in Cristal Land would certainly be convenient for the few brothers or sisters - already disconnected from the system and well connected to nature - who live there at this time of the year. But it will also encourage excesses in period of crowd. The screen takes more and more space in the world. Today already, very naturally, some use this technology to show music or photos to their friends at the heart of Tierra Crystal… The idea of solar lights and /or small installation of few LED (lightning of kitchen worktops) would reduce the use of headtorches and candles and seems finally more suited/adapted to the ideology of the place...

Why a public and virtual support campaign?
The question appears even more as a majority of the brothers we meet on our arrival voluntarily chose a path without financial security, a path which allows you to explore the infinite kindness of the nature and the perfection of the universe. Tierra Crystal functions like this at the moment, with very few money and Tierra Crystal is lacking nothing. There is abundance of food and entertainments; there are tools and the few cash needed to take forward the projects, gradually. And there is, above all, abundance of joy and human warmth, and beyond the borders, solidarity and mutual care.

Getting more material, more quickly -with an open collection of money- would automatically amplify the existing robbery problems. The theft is a national reality. Why instigating greed with plenty of equipment when we can awake the imagination and the creativity. We can make people to dream by shaping a world full of magic and poetry -that offers a real change of scenery- with so little money, that the dream becomes accessible for anyone.

Finding our solutions outside the money, gives us the opportunity to get out of preconceived patterns and reinvent alternatives, to optimize our integration in the natural environment. And, as necessity favors creativity, magic takes shape!

We last visited the community for San Sylvester (welcomed with love and sweetness, we had spent some wonderful nights in the teepee which we shared with "Mariachi") and we are happy to discover, in this month of September, the changes in Tierra Crystal. The garden looks radiant! There is a nice new octagonal kitchen, resurrection of the teepee (which ended forgotten in a slope). The much damaged fabric was cut and reused to make removable walls, offering an open room by good weather and the necessary protection for the rain. The paintings which now decorate the sublimated canvas are suggesting balance and communication. The detachment from the material is still too often mixed up with disrespect of equipment…

In this new common room, we live on the ground, with three hens around… Living on the ground is for us a rainbow fundamental – as well as the presence of fire and the respect of water – that guarantees the connection to Pachamama. The community's first kitchen is designed with table and chairs. It is part of a lovely big area (with bookcase and living room) which plastic roofs were recently changed. Cool and pleasant at the dry season, it rests at this time of the year, given that plentiful waters of natural mountain drainage join at this point the stream that will take them to the sea ... Undoubtedly an automatic cosmic program to wash off energies accumulated during the year!

The universe being what it is, after an intense and chaotic rainy season last year (books were safe at the last minute), the brothers (sisters are missing…) are well and dry this year, as snug as a bug in a rug! Musical instruments fill the air daily with their enjoyment to exist and Tierra Crystal shines with a remarkable brightness. Good vibes brothers!

At Tierra Crystal, the issue of permanent residents arises regularly: people to care for the land in rainy season and to focus energies around followed projects during peak periods. The reality showed that the introduction of the title of "permanent residents" established by the same an unfair hierarchy… The story goes that the protagonists who declared themselves "permanent" at the beginning of the year, leaved rather quickly, the status of these intentional residents came nevertheless hand in hand with the establishment of an excessive power.

We also believed first that Tierra Crystal really needs "permanent permanents" to optimize the layout of the project. It now comes to light that Tierra Crystal adopts little by little her “impermanent permanents”… They are more and more. Many “novices”, who are discovering the rainbow family through this little window, are permeated with the utopia and join the dream. A perpetual movement of permanent people… Crystal Land is their home, for an indefinite period of time…

In fact, the only one who was sure to be found at Tierra Crystal, until a few months ago, was Mariachi. An amazing little rainbow dog, who had adopted the family, changing friends from day to day, always welcoming new visitors, respecting food circles and beds, almost never barking. He was expelled from the community (on the pretext of fleas?!) and taken to a refuge.
In the same period of time, and following to excessive behaviors the year before, Tierra Crystal's access was regulated by a curious “circle of decision” made up from people living there since a few days or weeks. So the access to the community has been denied to brothers (under sanitary pretext?). They have not been allowed to take part in the talking circle which “handled their cases” and were friendly excluded at nightfall. All of them have been, or are now, long-term residents of Tierra Crystal…
Such takeovers of power are, as we know, far from the aspirations of the Rainbow family. These kinds of patterns replicated within the community repelled/pushed back many brothers and sisters, including us.

There is a big difference between a regular community and what Tierra Crystal embodies: an expression of the whole rainbow, which reveals gradually, in all his nuances. The dominance of one color is absorbent and is incompatible with the deployment of each colors of the rainbow.
Tierra Crystal, in its infancy and its storms, is very promising. Tierra Crystal does not aim to be the result of personal projections but the realization of the utopia, which takes shape naturally, defines itself and which we only participate to design. Creation is long and turbulent process but the mutation is occurring… The focalizers are present temporarily temporizing... They are caring, accompanying, passing on their knowledge, privileging individual implication, focusing temporarily the energies and then take a back seat…

Tierra Crystal, tierra de paso, tierra de aprendizaje, tierra de creatividad compartida…
Tierra Crystal attracts an international melting pot of young people in search of nature and transformation. Brothers and sisters, who aspire to learn, teach and share human experiences.
Managing the wave of guests and abundance in the dry season is a recurring theme in Tierra Crystal’s organization, integration to the local community as well. The idea of workshops matures…

Arborsculpture, weaving of banana fibers, pottery, manufacturing of tiles and hammocks etc. Many practical and diversified applications which can complete the growing artistic and creative panel of Tierra Crystal: painting, music, macramé, yoga … Alternative and multilingual, permanent or occasional workshops, to focus the passing motivations and make a new bridge to the outside.
In fact, the everyday life here is a permanent workshop for anyone who takes time, expresses the wish to learn and feels like sharing the daily tasks: permaculture garden, fire cooking, natural medicine, meditation, ecoconstruction, artistic handcraft, interaction with neighbors etc.
The shaping/application of the alternatives creates "workshops", the true interaction makes the emulsion and so the knowledge propagates … Exiting classrooms to learn in the height of life, keeping on learning day after day and accepting the perpetual changes, such is our vision.

Today, the video is published on face book. The support campaign was not launched and the documentary could support another message.
A message of love and light of course, and maybe an invitation.
An invitation to stop running your life, to release the system and start connecting with nature and elements.
An invitation to open your heart to a simple, comfortable, pure, and brotherly existence.
An invitation to join and to create Tierra Crystal together, enjoying the present, awakening our imagination and consciousness.

Internet opens the door to a very wide range of energies and, with Babylon at foot distance, Tierra Crystal commits ourselves to be ready for keeping the necessary balance for harmony and awareness.
A particular invitation thus, to brothers and sisters of heart and soul, well rooted in the Rainbow, to come to harmonize this dawning experience.
And at last, an invitation to all the family to imagine the utopia. Thought is creative. More and more lands are entrusted to the Rainbow family over the world. So let’s open wide our eyes and dream as far as possible!

Pura Vida!
Eléonore y Dawan
(foculisers of this multilingual workshop of "free expression writing skills" from Tierra Cristal!..)

  • We live, since January 2014, at a distance of a half-day bus trip from Tierra Crystal. We are naturally connected to the Rainbow family and so to Crystal Land/ Tierra Crystal even before arriving in Costa Rica. We regularly visit the family in the community, but we never spent much time there because we are as well busy implanting a rainbow life in a peaceful piece of mountain, few kilometers away from the ocean. Like Tierra Crystal, our project aims to shape the utopia and make our environment abundant and full of diversity. We build a little hobbit world. We live in a living cabaña -without electricity nor running water – and we implant what will slowly grows to a food jungle and maybe a center of universal and popular knowledge …
  • 24 May '16

The foundation is sinking in a sea of optimism.