Is DCI jargon?

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  • 4 Aug '15

I just did a web search on "Declaration of Common Intention" and the first thing that comes up is this website. It doesn't seem like many other people use this terminology because it is just Rainbow jargon. I think if we want to be taken seriously or legally, I suggest we use something more ubiquitous like "Memorandum of Understanding." You can learn more on Wikipedia and it is used in advanced permaculture teacher training courses.


  • 15 Dec '15

I think the word "Intention" is great but the word "Declaration" is not. Scottino, a group of us in California had some serious discussions about all this and we came up with some great ideas which will be shared with you (and everyone else) soonish. Which might include shortening it to "RCL Common Intention", how about that?? I think the word "manifesto" is related to the word "declaration", and "understanding" is about the present, "intention" about the future.

We basically had a brainstorm about a massive simplification of the DCI and we made an attempt at re-writing the whole thing down to about a page. Nothing will be done, of course, without full agreement from everyone involved.


  • 24 May '16

Hi Martin, sorry for not responding sooner. I did not realize anyone had replied to me. Is there a way to be notified by email when someone replies to one of my posts? I do like the idea of shortening it to a page and I prefer "RCL Common Intention" over Declaration of Common Intention. How are we supposed to make a full agreement from everyone involved? Can we appoint a committee of people to make these sorts of decisions?