Oaxaca, Mexico

  • 13 Jul '15

Greetings Rainbow Crystal Landlovers,
This previous winter I spent some time on the land in Costa Rica and felt a resonance of vision that I have never before experienced. I feel as if there could be no greater positive impact I could leave in this life than to assist in expanding the RCL global community. I am starting this topic to initiate the discussion on what steps can be taken towards finding land in Oaxaca. I have read Martin's Oaxaca update from 6 months back or so, so that is basically the information I have in regards to the matter. I may be able to make it down there this winter, depending on resources and a sense that something may be accomplished through time spent there. Martin, I would love to hear more, if you're willing, about your time spent in the region. I'm actually not altogether sure what a scouting mission would look like. Meeting people in the area, trying to connect with a person or people with land who may share the vision? If anyone has any input or info, please feel free to share! Much love, Grant

  • 6 Apr

I am interested, if anyone else please contact me