Changing the name 'Rainbow Crystal Land' to something more inclusive.

  • 5 Jun '15

I'm interested in knowing what eveyone thinks about the name 'Rainbow Crystal Land.'
I have spent the last couple of years on the crystal land trail - countles vision counsels, six months at the Crystal Land in Costa Rica and the last four or five months here in Oaxaca, scouting for land and developing a community model which is hopefully more sustainable.
Durring this time, I have come to discover that my life work is devoted toward experimenting with, learning from, and creating human community which exists in harmony with the nature of life on Earth. For me, this work extends far beyond the community of world wanderers and light workers whom i have had the honor of knowing and dancing with across the dreamscapes we've created together at rainbow gatherings. This work extends to all beings of the Earth - those who travel and those who stay, those who sing and those who dance, those who work and those who play, those who live in the country and those who live in the city, those who flow freely and those who struggle to support their families, farmers, carpenters, bakers, and people of all character, flow and disposition. I wish not to isolate this project to a specific culture of hippy travelers, but to instead develope a network of human community nurturing to all characters of people, which can work together to rediscover a way of living in harmony with the nature of the rest of life on Earth.
I feel that the name Rainbow Crystal Land isolates this project to a select group of hippy travelers (including myself) who have formed a spiritual connection with crystals. For everyone else who might not know what rainbow is or haven't happened to develop a connection to crystals, the name 'rainbow crystal land' might as well be 'Fruty Candy Land' or 'Sparkle Unicorn Land.' Certainly the Unicorn is a very cherished and sacred being to many very intersting people of the Sparkle community, but those of us who have never heard of the world Sparkle community and have not happened to developed a connection to the Unicorn might just hear the name 'Sparkle Unicorn Land' and stop listening. It doesn't mean that we are not very beautiful people with many important skills to offer or that we wouldn't actually be interested in the Sparkle Unicorn Land project, but it just sounds a bit rediculous and we'd rather not invest our energy into something so exclusive.
I've noticed that when I talk to most people about Crystal Land, I tend to avoid telling them the name, because in my experience, the name seems to make anybody who doesn't happen to be a hippy traveler disinterested in the project. It seems like other people in the project seem to have this tendancy to avoid the name as well, and I think that this is very detramental to the ability for Crystal Land to expand and grow organically.
If the general concensus of Crystal Land is that people do want this project to be isolated specifically to a culture of rainbow travellers, I think that i will eventually search elsewhere to invest my life work. But i don't think that that is the general consensus. I feel that most people involved in the Crystal Land project also want to create a form of sustainable human community which includes all beings of the Earth.
For this reason, I would like to explore what people think about changing the name of 'Rainbow Crystal Land' to something more inclusive of the wide spectrum of beings who are searching for a sustainable home on this planet. I would a appreciate a name which has its roots in Rainbow, the culture from which it was born, but also a name which allows the project to expand beyond the limmitations of rainbow culture and is not exclusive to those who are a part of rainbow. I would also appreciate a name which embodys the simplicity and dynamicism of what we're really trying to create - sustainable human community, which can take all different kinds form.
It seems to me that the most common vision between all of us who are creating this project is to create a home. A home for ourselves, a home for others, a home for trees, a home for fungus, a home for all the animals, insects, and plants of the land we live on. So I put forth my suggestion for the new name of this project: 'Home'

Welcome Home

  • 5 Jun '15

I have been following the RCL project with a great degree of interest. I like the name "Rainbow Crystal Land". The 'back to the land' communities of the hippie era had a variety of names, some geographical, some conceptual, some philosophical, and some inspirational. There was no name in common with excepting perhaps the name 'Commune'. However should there be a consensus that the Rainbow communities are sufficiently different to warrant a name in common I would suggest Papatuanuku from Maori mythology which translates as Earth mother so we would have Papatuanuku or Earth Mother communities.

  • 5 Jun '15

Thanks for these thoughts Michael. They have flowed through my mind for over a year now aside from the notion that RCL is limited to those with a spiritual connection with crystals. Who have been repelled by that misinterpretation? Rainbow Crystal Land is a phrase that has been thrown around impetuously. If people who used it in communication were just a little more reticent, I do not believe the name would get thrown in a phantasmagorical collection next to "Fruty Candy Land" or "Sparkle Unicorn Land." As a new term, it is important to establish its definition before proliferating its use. One way to do this is to refrain from using it in colloquial dialog like you say. It may even become quite esoteric as it gains popularity and produce an abstruse barrier against the ephemeral amature problem. Locals are a perfect example of people who are neither hippy nor traveler that have been consistently interested in RCL from the very start. Some of them may be theives, but some are also botanists, neighbors, farmers, musicians, teachers, academic deans, elders, homeless kids, and indigenous people. Aside from the homeless kids who have stayed and camped out on site, these people have a home to go to afterwards and prefer to just come in short intervals rather than for the week or two stay I've noticed with hippies and travelers. Changing the name "Rainbow Crystal Land" right after we have spent three years getting a website with that name sounds a bit counter-productive to me. I suggest we take a look at our inner principles and start the change from the inside and work our way out. For instance, is "sustainable" really what we are shooting for? From a permaculture perspective, sustainability is a rather morbid aspiration next to regenerative and biodynamic resilience.

  • 5 Jun '15

What everybody here believes in is an idea; reasonable living.

"Reasonable" because it offers greater potential for happiness by allowing everything we as humans need to simply survive. Arguing that this isn't true is difficult, so it seems to hold water.

In other words, its "sustainable". But, like someone else said, (and I paraphrase) "sustainable" is quite meek and as of now has marinated in the vocabulary of hippie-types that the word now has the hippie flavor. If somebody wants to be taken seriously these days, that "hippie" flavor is not at all going to help.

I believe that everybody on Earth has the exact same motive in life, but what makes it appear otherwise is the way this motive blossoms into actions, etc. Everybody has their own conception of "right and wrong", and what each one of us want to do is to simply do what's right; that's what the CEOs and the "hippies" have in common: their own personal righteousness. All actions come from the same place, the same way all plant grow up from the ground.

Anyways, my point is that, it certainly isn't the idea that people don't agree with and relate to; it's the image; the latent hippie-esque theme. That is simply what they see. The "hippie" is nowadays a cliché; a stereotype. That diffuses any polital power such a group has.

Even I hesitate at the mere sound of "rainbow crystal land".

What this boils down to is marketing; the same strategy that has allowed coperations to gain so much power. They pitch their products as no more than relateable and worthwhile, that way they make the most money.

The image that an idea radiates is the arrowhead of the entire idea. If you can make the name/image so simple, so elegant, that a CEO could look at it be unable to disagree with it, then the world would flip upsidedown. The arrowhead would be sharp enough to pierce even the most resilient skin.

That may seem grandoise, but it's possible. Start small of course. Show people what you have in common with them. Unite all stereotypes (and there are many in our world; people identify with them) under a common belief. Show them why they're right in their own way, but what they have missed simply because they couldn't see it from where they stand.

Every person must be able identify with it; the creed that everyone is already following, they just don't know it.

I hope my ramble helps

  • Adrian Hunjet
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  • 9 Jun '15

Interesting discussion.

When I heard the first time about Rainbow Crystal Land, I was not really interested. It sounded to esoteric to me.
Now I get used to it and even like it, but it's still difficult to explain the meaning to people who are not into it.

So even if it would be not easy to change the name, we should seriously think about it and if we decide to do so not wait to long.

For me the common foundation of this project is on one hand our love to Mother Earth and that we want to live in harmony with her and on the other hand that we want to create a network of communities which are connected similar as a tribal structure.

So I would propose a name for our network like Pachamama Tribe or maybe the Slavic counterpart Mat Zemlya Tribe.
This just for inspiration.

But this could be the name for the whole network and not for a single community like Rainbow Crystal Land. So at the moment I have no idea how to call a community, which is part of the Tribe.

  • 16 Jun '15

Very interesting and important discussion.

A couple of points from what has been said:

  • Not changing the name just because of a website is not a very good reason. We can get another domain name and redirect there.

  • Rainbow Crystal Land was never meant to be the name of a single community, it is the name of a network, and, at least to my mind, each community was supposed to have their own name within the network.

  • "Home" is English, and, like RCL, I suppose it would be translated into other languages. "Hogar" might be the best Spanish translation, but CASA already exists - it's a network of Latin American alternative communities. (I incidentally wanted to call the RCL in Costa Rica "Home / Hogar" when I was there...)

  • As our capitalist aspirations are rather modest, "marketing" is not what our name is related to. "Communication", yes. And the first line of communicating what we're about, is in the name.

The irony here is that the word 'rainbow' is supposed to mean 'everyone', when in fact it gets interpreted as something narrow, a small sect. What word(s) would communicate that we are ALL on the same path, even if we are lead to believe we are not? What would communicate the unity of all?

The "Pachamama / Mother Earth" suggestion (in all languages / cultural references) is an interesting one, as it would remove some of the supposed "centralization" of RCL by accepting that no translation is more accurate than any other, that, for example, the name of the network is not first and foremost in English and thereafter in other languages. But we're not just Mother Earth, we're people wishing to live sustainably (or whatever) and in peace on and with Mother Earth.

I like the words Home, Tribe and Earth. Together they seem to explain what we are doing. Maybe along with the word Unity.

I would also add to the discussion that I believe a name-change could go hand in hand with a great simplification of the DCI. But I also think a name-change could create separation... it's hard to involve everyone who was involved in creating RCL in such a decision, so there would always be someone who "didn't agree to that"... but as we also agreed on how to make decisions, we shouldn't be afraid of making such.

  • 23 Jun '15

I think it would be helpful to define some criteria which our name should fulfill.

I would propose:

  • as simple as possible
  • recognizable
  • easy to translate
  • have some magic/power
  • inclusive
  • expressing our vision.

Maybe you have some more ideas.

An example, which goes in this direction based on my previous propositions and also Martin's post could be 'Earthtribe'.
Also just for inspiration.

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  • 4 Aug '15

Great discussion - I'm interested in the name BUT ALSO the way this will be handled / methodology. I say "but" because it takes more priority for me right now because very soon after I will read/reply all the things mentioned in the post BUT I know that will take less time than writing this info... I am basically registering my interest (and gauging somewhat) the methodology of such a discussion / existing ways and how it works / eventually gets solved before it gets too busy... and perhaps ask for personal message to clear things rather than out in the open view - I'm also new and usually that involves instant faux pa's if writing too much / too interested so replying to me will allow me to get more of a feel around here...

  • Also thanks overall for a very clear menu system and great info...
  • And sign-up was very quick / painless....

So for now I'm interested in personal replies about:

  • How all this can be made clearer, especially as more people add comment (with and without reading previous comments)
  • How a sort of accumulation of agreement can form or clarity at the same time (or in parallel) as moving forward... whilst a thread of mixed one-way and two-way comments of expression get added... including more comments / follow-ups for clarity etc... especially by more active people / dedicated people (which are useful at the same item need managing / closing the loop / rounding-off / or similar etc...)

x spirit

  • 15 Dec '15

Spirit, we are not using this forum to reach a decision on anything, just brainstorming. So for me it's all good...

6 months have passed and "RCL" is already a widely known and accepted term. I don't think it needs to be changed. However, there will be a suggestion for a huge simplification of the DCI coming soon, and the name could be one of those simplifications.

  • 18 Jul '16

If we still want to change the name of Rainbow Crystal Land, now is a good occasion.

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