Receiving News by email?

  • 12 May '15

Is there an easy way to subscribe to the News blog and receive updates in your inbox? Or could this be implemented?

  • 15 May '15

There is a setting COMMENTS_NOTIFICATION_EMAILS, which is a comma separated list of email addresses that will receive an email notification each time a new comment is posted on the site.
This is only for admins and I have set it now to, so that all admins, which have a redirect from will get a notification on new comments.

Users can also subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds. The links are on the main News page.

  • 19 May '15

Thanks Henri. I guess I don't know what RSS or Atom is. I will experiment with that.

Am I the only who doesn't immediately know that? Would it be better if there was an option to 'sign up for news feed, enter email address here', kind of thing?

  • 19 May '15

I was talking about News posts rather than comments.

Having briefly checked out RSS / Atom, I don't see an easy way for me to subscribe without going through a complicated process. Is a simple email signup possible (or, even better, automatically sending News updates to every registered user, with the possibility of unsubscribing in user settings)?

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  • 19 May '15

Actually I also have no experience with news feeds, but it seems the standard way to follow blogs / news.
Mezzanine doesn't support email notification and at the moment I have no time to implement it.

To follow the feeds you can either use an email client (Thunderbird support this out of the box) or a browser (Firefox and IE out of the box, Chrome with app). For mobiles there are some apps.

  • 16 Jun '15

Ah... in the Firefox bookmarks menu there is a "Subscribe to this page" option... let's give that a try!