While lands and human energy are the most important building blocks of RCL, donations of money are also essential in order to free our communities from the need to generate an income and instead focus on creating gardens of abundance on our lands! We believe in direct donations where the donors themselves choose which project or community to support – there is no central RCL money pot. A list of RCL Communities and Scouting Missions that have been officially accepted into our network through a process of communal decision-making can be found on our Common RCL Website. Each project has a communally elected and trusted focalizer that will receive your money and make sure it is spent in the best possible way. The community decides how the money is to be spent. Except for possible bank charges, your entire donation will be spent to fulfill the RCL vision.

Common Website

This is the website that you are using right now. It has been created through the collaboration of various volunteers but we still need some money to pay for hosting and domain name services.

Donating is not the only way to contribute to the website. If you are a web developer, have web designing skills or you speak more than one language fluently and can translate between them you can also help! If you're interested, please contact or write a message in the forum.

Current Focalizer: Henri (from Poland)

Scouting in the Andes
A Scouting Mission is criss-crossing Peru to find another Rainbow Crystal Land.

Current Focalizer: Fabian (from Switzerland)

RCL Costa Rica
Our first RCL Community in Costa Rica is still in the process of growing and any contribution is very welcome. Internet donations go into the community's "Sustainable Magic Hat", which means that your money will go towards infrastructure and projects that support the community's sustainability rather than on food and consumables.