Rainbow Crystal Land (RCL) envisions a global self-sufficient network of open and ownerless lands housing sustainable communities of free and equal individuals living in peace and harmony with the earth. RCL is an organically living and growing common vision shared by thousands of people around the world; it is not an organization or a set of rules and there is no central leadership. RCL is a social movement offering a complete alternative living solution for everyone. There are many similar visions, communities and networks out there - RCL competes with no one and co-operates with everyone.

RCL is unique because:

• We intend to free lands from ownership.
• Our communities are open to all.
• Our structure is completely horizontal and decentralized.
• We give equal value to nomads and people who prefer to stay.
• We intend not to use money as a means of exchange inside and between our communities and to create a culture of sharing.

This website is still under construction. Future developments will bring us a database of RCL Communities around the world, profile pages for Communities and Scouting Missions, user-selectable privacy levels, user-editable pages, translation tools, a Global Consensus tool, enhanced communication capabilities, a Knowledge Base, FAQ, a web shop for the communities, and more.

Come join us! Welcome home!